SUNDAY LONDON styles are designed to fit the following sizes and body measurements:

We make unique swimwear and clothing styles for sizes UK8/US4 - UK24/US20
We work with a wide range of women of different body shapes and sizes for you to find a body most like yours.
If a model is a similar size to you. Check out the MODEL SIZE & FIT section on the product page to find out what size she is wearing. 
And select your size with confidence 💕


Get yourself a tape measure and remove any outer garments. Measuring yourself in swimwear or underwear is fine.

Stand with your feet together to ensure you get the most accurate measurements. Standing with your feet apart is likely to increase your hip measurements.

BUST Measure around the fullest part of your bust. 

WAIST Measure around your natural waistline. This is usually the smallest area and can be found above your belly button.

HIPS Measure around the fullest and widest part of your lower body. This area can be found around the top of your thighs and includes your bum.

If you are in between sizes we suggest you opt for a larger size. 

 e.g If you are a size UK8/10 we suggest you order a size UK10 for a better fit. 

Please read the product description before purchasing to make sure the size and style you have selected is right for you.                                                                    

If you have any further questions regarding sizing, please send us your query on the Contact Page.